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Your PAYGW payment summary annual report for non-employees is due soon

If you need to provide payment summaries to people other than employees, such as suppliers where no ABN was quoted, you need to lodge the form with the ATO by the 31st October.

By now you will have checked the accuracy of the year’s payroll figures and finalised Single Touch Payroll income statements for your employees. You may also have withheld PAYG amounts for people other than employees. If you haven’t reported these payments through STP, you’ll need to report these amounts to the ATO separately.

While most payments now are submitted through Single Touch Payroll, there are some payments that are not included in STP. You will need to submit a payment summary annual report to the ATO, as well as provide these payment summaries to payees.

Other payees could include contractors with voluntary withholding agreements, labour hire agreements or royalties paid to non-residents.

Check the following before completing the annual summary:

  • For suppliers who have not quoted an ABN and had tax withheld, check the gross amounts paid and the tax withheld.
  • Check voluntary withholding agreement rates.
  • Check all royalties have been captured on the BAS.
  • Are your contact details correct? The ATO needs to know who prepared the form on behalf of your business.

Contact us if we can help sort out reporting for all your payees. We can also look at your payroll software and check if you are allocating payments correctly and using available functions for all types of payees.